What Is The Scariest Movie Ever Called?

If you’re a fan of horror movies, there’s one burning question that’s probably crossed your mind at some point: What is the scariest movie ever called? We all love that adrenaline rush of fear, the feeling of being on the edge of our seats, and the thrill of being scared out of our wits. But which movie takes the cake as the absolute scariest of them all? Well, get ready to dive into the world of spine-chilling cinema as we explore the contenders for the title of the scariest movie ever made.

When discussing the scariest movies, it’s important to note that fear is subjective. What might terrify one person could leave another completely unfazed. However, there are a few films that have managed to strike fear into the hearts of audiences worldwide. From the bone-chilling suspense of “The Exorcist” to the psychological terror of “Psycho,” these movies have become legendary in the horror genre. So, buckle up and prepare yourself for a hair-raising journey as we delve into the scariest movie ever called and uncover the secrets behind their ability to haunt our nightmares.

What is the scariest movie ever called?

What is the Scariest Movie Ever Called?

Horror movies have been a staple in the film industry for decades, captivating audiences with their thrilling and terrifying stories. From supernatural hauntings to psychopathic killers, there are countless horror movies that have left audiences trembling in fear. But what is the scariest movie ever called? In this article, we will explore some of the most bone-chilling films ever made, examining their plots, characters, and the reasons why they continue to haunt our nightmares.

The Exorcist

Released in 1973, “The Exorcist” is often hailed as one of the scariest movies of all time. Directed by William Friedkin and based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, the film follows the demonic possession of a young girl named Regan and the attempts to exorcise the demon from her body. The movie is known for its shocking and disturbing imagery, including scenes of levitation, vomiting, and the infamous 360-degree head spin. “The Exorcist” taps into our deepest fears of the supernatural and the loss of control, leaving audiences trembling in their seats.

What sets “The Exorcist” apart from other horror movies is its psychological depth and exploration of faith and doubt. The film delves into the inner struggles of the characters, particularly Father Karras, who grapples with his own crisis of faith while attempting to save Regan’s soul. This combination of visceral horror and thought-provoking themes makes “The Exorcist” a truly terrifying and unforgettable experience.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Another iconic horror movie that has earned its place in the pantheon of scary films is Wes Craven’s “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Released in 1984, the film introduced audiences to the sadistic and supernatural serial killer, Freddy Krueger. Krueger terrorizes his victims in their dreams, using their deepest fears against them. The concept of being hunted in the one place we should feel safe, our dreams, struck a nerve with audiences and established Freddy Krueger as one of the most iconic horror villains of all time.

What makes “Nightmare on Elm Street” particularly chilling is its ability to blur the lines between dreams and reality. The film creates a sense of constant unease, leaving viewers unsure of what is real and what is happening in the characters’ nightmares. The inventive and gruesome death scenes, combined with the atmospheric visuals and haunting musical score, make “Nightmare on Elm Street” a truly terrifying cinematic experience.

The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is often regarded as a masterpiece of psychological horror. Released in 1980 and based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the film tells the story of Jack Torrance, a writer who becomes the caretaker of the isolated Overlook Hotel during the winter season. As the hotel’s supernatural forces start to exert their influence on Jack, he descends into madness, threatening his wife and son.

What sets “The Shining” apart is its slow-burning tension and the exploration of the human psyche. Kubrick skillfully builds a sense of dread and unease throughout the film, creating an atmosphere of isolation and paranoia. Jack Nicholson’s iconic performance as Jack Torrance, with his manic expressions and chilling delivery of lines like “Here’s Johnny!”, has become synonymous with horror cinema. “The Shining” is a masterclass in psychological terror that continues to haunt viewers to this day.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Released in 1974, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” shocked audiences with its raw and brutal depiction of violence. Directed by Tobe Hooper, the film follows a group of friends who encounter a cannibalistic family in rural Texas. The movie is known for its intense and relentless atmosphere, as well as its iconic villain, Leatherface, and his weapon of choice, a chainsaw.

What makes “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” so horrifying is its gritty realism and the sense of helplessness experienced by the characters. The film is shot in a documentary-style format, adding to the feeling that what we are witnessing is all too real. The violence is graphic and unrelenting, leaving audiences shocked and disturbed. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” pushed the boundaries of horror cinema and remains a benchmark for the genre.

Other Terrifying Movies to Explore

In addition to the aforementioned films, there are countless other terrifying movies that have left a lasting impact on audiences. From classics like “Psycho” and “Halloween” to more recent releases like “Hereditary” and “Get Out,” the horror genre continues to evolve and deliver spine-chilling experiences.


Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” is a psychological thriller that has become a classic in the horror genre. Released in 1960, the film follows Marion Crane as she checks into the Bates Motel, run by the enigmatic Norman Bates. The shower scene in “Psycho” is often regarded as one of the most iconic and frightening moments in cinematic history, showcasing Hitchcock’s mastery of suspense.


John Carpenter’s “Halloween” introduced audiences to the silent and relentless killer, Michael Myers. Released in 1978, the film follows Myers as he stalks and murders teenagers in his hometown. The atmospheric cinematography and haunting musical score contribute to the sense of dread that permeates the film, making “Halloween” a staple of the slasher genre.


A more recent addition to the horror genre, “Hereditary” (2018) is a chilling exploration of grief and supernatural forces. Directed by Ari Aster, the film follows the Graham family as they unravel a dark and sinister secret following the death of their matriarch. “Hereditary” is praised for its atmospheric tension, unsettling imagery, and standout performances, particularly from Toni Collette.

Get Out

Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” (2017) is a genre-defying horror film that tackles issues of race and cultural appropriation. The movie follows Chris Washington as he visits his girlfriend’s family, only to uncover a horrifying secret. “Get Out” combines social commentary with suspenseful thrills, creating a thought-provoking and unnerving viewing experience.

The Enduring Appeal of Scary Movies

Scary movies continue to captivate audiences because they tap into our deepest fears and provide an adrenaline rush unlike any other genre. Whether it’s the supernatural, psychological terror, or visceral violence, horror films have a way of getting under our skin and staying with us long after the credits roll. The scariest movie ever called may vary depending on personal preferences, but the impact they have on us is undeniable.

From the iconic classics to the latest releases, the horror genre offers a wide range of terrifying experiences that cater to different tastes. So, if you’re brave enough, grab some popcorn, turn off the lights, and prepare to be scared by the scariest movie ever called.

Key Takeaways: What is the scariest movie ever called?

  • The scariest movie ever made is often debated among horror enthusiasts.
  • One of the most well-known contenders for this title is “The Exorcist,” released in 1973.
  • “Psycho,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock, is another classic horror film that is considered terrifying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get ready to be spooked! Here are some frequently asked questions about the scariest movie ever made.

Question 1: What are some classic horror movies that are considered the scariest?

When it comes to classic horror movies, there are a few that have truly stood the test of time in terms of scares. One of the most iconic is “The Exorcist” (1973), directed by William Friedkin. This film follows the terrifying story of a young girl who becomes possessed by a demonic entity. Another classic that has chilled audiences for decades is “Psycho” (1960), directed by Alfred Hitchcock. With its suspenseful storyline and shocking twist, it continues to be a favorite among horror enthusiasts.

Additionally, “The Shining” (1980), directed by Stanley Kubrick, is often cited as one of the scariest movies ever made. This psychological thriller takes place in an isolated hotel and explores themes of madness and supernatural occurrences. These classic horror films have left an indelible mark on the genre, ensuring their place in the list of the scariest movies ever made.

Question 2: Are there any recent horror movies that have gained recognition for being incredibly scary?

Absolutely! The horror genre continues to evolve, and there have been some recent films that have captivated audiences with their terrifying storytelling. One such movie is “Hereditary” (2018), directed by Ari Aster. This film explores the dark secrets of a family, delving into themes of grief and the supernatural. Its slow-burn approach and spine-chilling moments make it a standout in recent years.

Another recent horror film that has gained recognition for its scares is “Get Out” (2017), directed by Jordan Peele. This critically acclaimed movie tackles social issues through the lens of horror, creating a thought-provoking and chilling experience for viewers. These recent horror films have proven that the genre is still capable of delivering scares that will leave audiences trembling.

Question 3: What elements make a movie truly scary?

Scary movies often rely on a combination of factors to create a truly terrifying experience. One key element is suspense. By building tension and keeping audiences on the edge of their seats, filmmakers can amplify the fear factor. Jump scares, unexpected twists, and eerie atmospheres also play a significant role in creating a sense of unease.

Another crucial aspect is the ability to tap into deep-seated fears and anxieties. Whether it’s the fear of the supernatural, the unknown, or the darkness within human nature, movies that can tap into these primal fears tend to be the most effective in delivering scares. Additionally, strong performances, immersive sound design, and skillful cinematography all contribute to making a movie truly scary.

Question 4: Can scary movies have an impact on our mental health?

Scary movies can have a profound impact on our mental health, although the effects vary from person to person. For some individuals, watching horror movies can provide a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping experience, offering a temporary escape from reality. On the other hand, others may find that these movies can trigger feelings of anxiety, fear, or even nightmares.

It is important to consider one’s own tolerance for scary content and to engage in self-care if needed. If watching horror movies becomes distressing or negatively affects mental well-being, it may be necessary to limit exposure or seek support from mental health professionals. Ultimately, it is essential to prioritize one’s mental health and make choices that align with personal comfort levels.

Question 5: Are there any precautions to take when watching a scary movie?

While watching a scary movie can be an exhilarating experience, it is important to take precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable viewing. First, it is recommended to watch with company, as sharing the scares with friends or family can help alleviate some of the fear.

Additionally, setting the right mood can enhance the viewing experience. Dimming the lights, turning up the volume, and creating a cozy atmosphere can intensify the scares. However, it is essential to know personal limits and take breaks if necessary. Lastly, after watching a scary movie, engaging in relaxing activities such as reading a book or listening to calming music can help ease any lingering fear.

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Final Thought: The Undisputed Champion of Fear

So, what is the scariest movie ever called? It’s a question that has haunted horror enthusiasts for years, and the answer is subjective. However, there is one film that consistently tops the list and sends shivers down the spines of viewers worldwide. That movie is none other than “The Exorcist.”

“The Exorcist” is a cinematic masterpiece that revolutionized the horror genre when it was released in 1973. Directed by William Friedkin and based on the novel by William Peter Blatty, this bone-chilling tale follows the demonic possession of a young girl and the desperate attempts to save her soul. With its terrifying visuals, haunting atmosphere, and intense performances, “The Exorcist” has become synonymous with fear and continues to haunt audiences to this day.

But what makes “The Exorcist” the scariest movie ever? It’s a combination of factors. The realistic portrayal of supernatural events, the psychological terror that lingers long after the credits roll, and the sheer impact it had on popular culture all contribute to its status as the undisputed champion of fear. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, “The Exorcist” taps into our deepest fears and forces us to confront the unknown.

In conclusion, while there are many contenders for the title of the scariest movie ever made, “The Exorcist” stands tall as a true horror classic. Its ability to elicit genuine terror, its lasting impact on the genre, and its timeless appeal make it a must-watch for any horror aficionado. So, if you dare, prepare yourself for a spine-chilling experience that will leave you questioning the boundaries of the supernatural. Lights off, volume up, and brace yourself for the scariest movie ever called – “The Exorcist.”

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